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That certain Charlene

If you have been a reader of this blog for a long time already (or if you follow my tweets) you probably already know that I have this chronic problem with my eye bags. I even have tags dedicated to my eye luggage alone (that how special they are to me! haha!) So anyway, I finally had the time to blog about this amazing product given to me some months ago that I constantly been mentioning on my formspring (Ask me questions there! They make me happy!) This little pot from mixologist beauty right here my friends, is magic.

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A little introduction on the product before I show you how it works. Color correctors, also known as neutralizers, are meant to hard to cover skin discolorations (Source) The logic behind color correctors is that when you want to neutralize one color, you need to apply it opposing color over it. To understand this fully, try to remember the color wheel. Yellow opposes purple/blue (the color of eye bags) while green opposes red (example: acne) Therefore, if you want to something up, you place a color that is its opposite, making the area neutral.

So now that we have a basic understanding of opposing colors and how color correctors prada handbags work, let me show you how it is used. :)

1. Take out your favorite concealer. Using your ring finger, place two dots on the inner and outer corners of your eye. Blend them with your finger going towards the middle. Make sure you don leave any streaks! (Check out this “how to apply concealer” tutorial made by my friend Bea)

2. Open yo prada handbags ur color corrector. I am using the Loose powder Mineral Color corrector in of Sunshine from Mixologist. You can order it online here. This retails for 220php while the pressed powder one retails for 250php.

3. prevents contamination) I will stress on the small amount part because this product is highly pigmented. You do not want to look like you have jaundice now, do you? :)

4. Apply it to the area under your eyes, around, on the sides and even on your eyelids. Place this anywhere that has a purplish/bluish discoloration. Again, moderation is the key. Do not apply too much. It is always easier to add than to take off the excess. :)

5. Set everything with foundation. I used Mixologists loose powder foundation. This is another favorite of mine (I must save up for a new one. Mine is running out fast! haha!) The 8g package retails for 465php. Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation (which I am too poor to get for m prada handbags yself haha) It provides great coverage, lasts the whole day (I know because I still look great after duty haha) and it feels so light that sometimes you would even forget you have foundation on. The best part of it is that it has Allantonin, an ingredient that heals the skin and other goody goodies that you can read abo prada handbags ut here.

And after correctly doing everything above, you will end up with something like this! I left the right side of my face bare so you could see the difference. I told you it was magic! :)

On a more serious note, make up is fun, but natural is still always the best way to go! So drink lots of fluids, exercise and of course, get some sleep! 😀

prada handbags That ’70s Show star Lisa Robin

That ’70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly’s death treated as ‘suspicious’

The 43 year old actress died in her sleep last Wednesday night, while staying in a rehabilitation clinic for alcohol abuse. A few days earlier, she had been admitted into hospital by her boyfriend, with an almost fatal blood/alcohol reading of .34.

Police in the US are currently investigating the murky details of the TV star’s death, give prada handbags n that her treating doctor failed to contact the LA County Coroner until four hours after her death was pronounced at 8.07am. According to the coroner, the only way to confirm the condition is by way of autopsy so Lisa’s cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

The facility doctor had also stated that the actress had been taking detox drugs at the time, but it is still unclear if any substances played a part in the cause of her death with conflicting reports emerging last week.

According to a source, there we prada handbags re no “drugs or alcohol in her room, no vomit in her airway and no obvious sign of trauma.”

With the LA County Coroner’s office now finished Lisa’s autopsy, the toxicology results will take another two weeks to complete. The S prada handbags heriff has now reportedly put a security hold on the case so that no further prada handbags information can be released until the investigation had been completed.