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prada Texas executes man for fatally

Texas executes man for fatally stabbing 3 members of Corpus Christi family 13 years ago

HUNTSVILLE, Texas A man convicted of fatally stabbing his ex girlfriend, her young son and her mother 13 years ago at a home in Corpus Christi was executed by Texas prison officials Wednesday. Supreme Court that he was mentally impaired and ineligible for the death penalty.

“I would like to remind my children once again I love them,” Villegas said when asked if he had a statement before being put to death. “Everything is OK. I love you all, and I love my children. I am at peace.”

Just as the pentobarbital began taking effect, he said, “It does kind of burn. Goodbye.” He gas prada ped several times, then started to breathe quietly. Within less than a minute, all movement had stopped. CDT, 11 minutes after the lethal dose of the sedative began. He became the seventh prisoner executed this year in the nation’s most active death penalty state.

Six relatives of his victims witnessed the execution but declined to comment afterward.

“I was struck by the calm and peacefulness inside that room as opposed to the utter terror the victims must have been in as Jose Luis Villegas stabbed them,” Mark Skurka, the Nueces County district attorney who prosecuted Villegas, said after watching the execution.

“He made no attempt to make peace with the family, apologize to the family or show any remorse for taking the lives of three people,” Skurka prada said. “The family expressed to me that they are glad that this is finally over and that justice has finally been done, even though it took a very long time in their minds for this to happen.”

Villegas’ lawyers filed a last day appeal asking the Supreme Court to stop his punishment, saying testing in February showed he had an IQ of 59. The high court denied it several hours later, slightly delaying the punishment. Four of the nine justices indicated in the brief court order that they would have given him a reprieve.

The Supreme Court has prohibited execution of mentally impaired people, although states have been allowed to devise procedures to make their own determinations. Courts also have embraced scientific studies that consider a 70 IQ a threshold for impairment, and the high court justices are reviewing a Florida law stipulating that number for death penalty eligibility.

The Texas Attorney General’s office disputed the IQ finding, saying previous examinations of Villegas showed no mental impairment and the number cited in his appeal was based on testing after he received an execution date and had no incentive to do well on the test. State attorneys also argued his lawyers had 10 years to raise impairment claims but didn’t do so until days before his scheduled punishment.

Villegas was convicted of fatally stabbing Erida Salazar, 23, her 3 year old son, Jacob, and Salazar’s mother, Alma Perez, 51, in January 2001. Their bodies were discovered by Salazar’s father when he returned home after being excused from jury duty. Each had been stabbed at least 19 times.

Villegas, a former cook, dishwasher and labourer, was free on bond for a sexual assault charge and was supposed to go on trial the day of the killings for an incident in which a woman said he punched her in the face.

Police spotted Villegas driving Salazar’s stolen car and he led th prada em on a chase that ended with him on foot and urging officers to shoot him. When arresting him, police found three bags of cocaine in his baseball cap.

Following his conviction for capital murder, Villegas was convicted of two counts of indecency with a child related to the daughter of the woman he was accused of punching in the face prior to the slayings. Relatives have said Salazar’s mother had urged her daughter to break up with Villegas when she learned of the sex charges against him.

Villegas also had convictions for making terroristic threats to kill women, burglary and possessing inhalants.

Attorneys argued the slayings were no prada t intentional and Villegas was mentally ill. A defence psychiatrist testified Villegas experienced “intermittent explosive disorder,” a condition that led to uncontrollable rages.

Villegas became the third Texas inmate executed with a new stock of pentobarbital from a provider corrections officials have refused to identify, citing the possibility of threats of violence against the supplier. The Supreme Court has upheld that stance.

prada Texas Early Day Tractor Engine

Texas Early Day Tractor Engine Assn Show Grounds

Reenactors will receive 1/4 lb. of gun powder, a ration of firewood, hay for horses, along with 1 bag of ice. For planning purposes we ask that all reenactors register and are required to sign the liability release form.

All pre registered Reenactors and Civilians must check in at the registration tent at the Battlefield to receive a reenactment pass, gun powder, and ticket Show more for ice.

For Friday Education Day information contact: Tom Hughes 254 780 3194

For additional information, please contact John Larson, Jr. at 254 760 3492. Turn right, and head to 1717 Eberhardt Road. You’ll see the show grounds on your right I 35 Heading Southbound: exit 302 (Nugent Ave). Turn right, and head to 1717 Eberhardt Road. You’ll see the show grounds on your right

2014 Reenactment RULES

Please be courteous to city employees, we really do want to be of service to you and we want you to return for years to come. Suggestion prada s are appreciated.

Please park your vehicles in the designated reenactors parking area. Use the parking pass provided and place it on the dash on the driver’s side so you can be waived through the reenactors gate should you be staying at a motel or need to leave after you have registered. Parking In Camping Area Or Dance Grounds Will Not Be Allowed After 7:00 Am Saturday Morning. Police Officers Will Be Removing VEHICLES.

No discharging of prada any firearms, cannons, etc. after 9:00 pm, except when scheduled for an event. Cleaning or clearing any pistol, rifle, or shotgun, with primers only, is permitted any time.

Do not wear your firearms into any business in or out of uniform unless asked to do so.

Put trash in dumpsters upon departure Sunday or as needed. If you need trash bags, please ask an Employee. Please do Not leave trash or trash cans overflowing.

The use of either metal pans or fire rings is allowed (2 6 inches max) in the designated areas. (no unreasonable size fires though) No burning of trash, leaves or grass. Each camp site must have a bucket of water on hand. Fire extinguishers will be required in every other camp.

There are to be no unattended fires at any time. Water buckets or camouflaged fire extinguishers are to be maintained near open fires at all times. Clean trash out of fire pits and replace dirt at the end of the event.

COGGINS Test Certificates are required for all horses brought to the reenactment. This is for all horse owners’ protection.

Horses need to be left in the designated area unless being exercised around the battlefield, the gravel road, or in the re enactment. No riding through camp sites.

No grease or wads allowed in weapons. Cream of Wheat only, please. Safety is a must.

No illegal substances allowed. The use of alcohol is up to each commanding officer’s discretion. Abuse of alcohol is prohibited.

Camping area is well designated. Tents shall be placed in an orderly military manner that the period dictates.

Arms inspection will be done by commanders each day and anytime, at their discretion. By signing the “R prada elease Of Liability” (Hold Harmless Agreement) each person agrees to abide by these and all safety rules. Common sense is a must.

The commanding officer of each unit is ultimately responsible for the conduct of his men; however, severe violations of these rules can result in immediate expulsion of any individual(s).

No projectiles of any type for any weapon using black powder is allowed on the field at the time of the reenactment/battle or skirmishes

The city reserves the ri prada ght to refuse registration to anyone for just cause. The City and the Host Unit wish each one of you a safe and eventful reenactment. Have fun, be safe, and come back again.