prada handbags Texas high schooler bags a gin

Texas high schooler bags a ginormous

Apparently, all the crazy news is coming out of Houstont prada handbags hese days.

Eighteen year old Braxton Bielski, a senior at Cinco Ranch High School in Katy,bagged a 14 foot, 800 pound alligator the heaviest ever certified in Texas on his first alligator hunt, the Associated Press reports.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials told the AP that Bielski bagged the record gator last week at Choke Canyon State Park about 90 miles south of San Antonio, which is part of the Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area. Bielski shot the giant reptile after hooking it on a line using raw chicken as bait.

According to , Braxton and his dad, Troy, won one of 10 alligator p prada handbags ermits issued through the state parks department public hunting program for a five day hunt at the Daughtrey prada handbags WMA.

always thought it be fun. Ever since I was eight, my dad was putting me in for these hunts, Braxton told KTRK.

So, what is it like to have 800 pounds of angry, writhing alligator on the end of your line?

you have a 14 foot anything that close to you, it got my heart going pretty well, he said.

That, folks, is what you call an understatement. Oh prada handbags , and the best part? The 14 footer was not the only gator they caught. Braxton dad bagged a 10 1/2 footer.