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Texas Law Firm Seeks Justice in General Motors Cobalt Deaths

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas, Feb. Croix County, Wisconsin after their 2005 Cobalt left the road and crashed. Investigation revealed that airbags failed to activate and the ignition switch was in the accessory position, indicating power steering, power brakes and air bags could not have functioned properly.

THE RECALLAs reported by CBS, GM has known of the engineering prada handbags fault that causes the ignition switch to suddenly move to “accessory” or “off” since 2004, yet they did not issue a recall of affected vehicles until February 2014. Hilliard Munoz Gonzalez (HMG) contends that Amy and Natasha’s deaths could have been prevented if GM had acted to correct this fatal defect in 2004 when they discovered it. GM acknowledges that 13 deaths have occurred as the result of the defe prada handbags ct.

SEEKING JUSTICEThe families of the young victims have hired Bob Hilliard, with Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP, to pursue justice against General Motors. Mr. Hilliard states, “GM hid this dangerous, life threatening defect from my clients and all other Cobalt drivers for over a decade just to avoid the cost of a recall. GM is guilty of betraying our trust an prada handbags d ending the lives of two beautiful young girls. I can do nothing to bring Amy and Natasha back to their families, but I can make GM think twice before ever again allowing a dangerous product to stay on the road for over a decade.”

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