prada handbags Textile Design and Development

Textile Design and Development

As a textile designer you will create designs prada handbags for knitted, woven and printed fabrics or textile products for fashion, interiors, home wears, craft, and other commercial applications. You can also work in graphics, packaging, greetings cards, ceramics, wrapping and wallpaper. You will work as part of a design team for small and large companies or start your own business.

In this practical, hands on, studio based program where you will have access to state of the art facilities to undertake projects briefs. You will develop your colour, drawing, design and computer skills to plan, develop and produce textiles for a variety of applications.

You will create experimental textile samples using a range of materials and processes including dye technologies, digital printing, lazer cutting, and fabric manipulation.

Industry projects have you involved in developing a collection and producing a range of textiles to technical and market specifications.

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C4218 Certificate IV in Textile Design and Development

C5213 Diploma of Textile Design and Development

I undertook a study abroad program at the Centre de Research et de Design en Impression Textile de Montreal through RMIT. I visited Montreal in 2009 and met with the program director, Monique Beauregard. I decided then and there that I had to go back and immerse myself in that environment. The prada handbags centre specialized in textile print and surface design and was equipped with state of the art equipment. While the language barrier was HUGE they were very welcoming and curious as to why I would come

Montreal, being a bilingual city appealed to me as French was a language that I had been interested in ever since working with the Montreal based company, Cirque du Soleil, in Australia, in 2003. I felt this would be great opportunity to learn another language and be immersed in it on a daily basis and to gain extra language skills to be more competitive as a textile designer in the global market.

During my time in Montreal I underwent intense periods of creative output and learning. Academically this experience benefite prada handbags rong> prada handbags d me enormously. By participating in the study abroad program I was exposed to different cultures and aesthetics, specifically the which gave me the time and opportunity to realize the potential for my work.

Being close to New York meant I was able to attend specialized textile trade shows such as Directions by Indigo, which show cases 100 of the world’s leading textile design houses and their creations, and visit inspirational galleries and exhibitions. This was an invaluable experience to see what the highly creative city had to offer.

I wanted to be a textile designer who has an internationally competitive edge and experience. Undergoing this study abroad program allowed me to start this process. I formed fabulous friendships with the locals and the Centre de Research et de Design en Impression Textile, and now have genuine love of all that is Montreal. I hope to further foster these relationships and in the future work on collaborative projects between Canada and Australia.