prada handbags TH LGA 1155 Motherboard Review

TH LGA 1155 Motherboard Review

The Gigabyte Z77X UD4H is an ATX form factor board based on the Intel Z77 Express chipset. The Z77X UP5 TH supports up to 32GB of ram, PCI Express 3.0, native USB 3.0, LucidLogix Virtu MVP, Intel Rapid Start Technology and Smart Connect Technology, SATA 6Gb/s support, USB 3.0, Intel Thunderbolt technology, Gigabit Ethernet, NVIDIA SLI / Quad SLI support and 2 card CrossFire supporting up to four GPUs. In addition to the above feature set this particular version of the Z77X UP5 TH is bundled with a WiFi / Bluetooth card.

The Z77X UP5 TH is part of Gigabyte Ultra Durable 5 series. Motherboards from this series feature Gigabyte strongest power design. The Z77X UP5 TH utilizes a digital 8 phase power prada handbags design using dual IR IR3550 Pow!Rstage IC rated at 60A. A strong power system is just part of the Ultra Durable 5 package. A glass fabric PCB is used for humidity resistance along with a 2oz. copper layer help to ensure that the Z77X UP5 TH works in almost any computing environment and has a long service life.

The Z77X UP5 TH has a decent layout with just three problem areas. The first of which is the location of the CMOS battery. The location would require removal of a graphics card in order to change the battery or remov prada handbags e it for any reason. This is hardly a deal breaker though as removal of this battery is generally unnecessary. My second complaint is the location of the onboard clear CMOS button. Its proximity is too close to that of the onboard reset button. Again this a minor issue affecting those prada handbags who benchmark outside the case or anyone who chooses to use an open air test bench or chassis for any reason. The final problem I have is with the location of the mSATA slot. Installation or removal of an SSD in this location could be difficult if no prada handbags t impossible with a graphics card installed or a larger air cooling solution in place. I don think this will affect very many people but it still a point of concern if this feature is something you interested in.