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Thai Iced Tea Recipe

In a kettle, bring the water to a boil. Place the tea in a teapot or glass container. Pour the water over the tea and let steep until bright orange in color, 3 to 5 minutes. Strain into a clean container, such as a pitcher (or, if in tea bags, remove the bags). Add sugar and stir to dissolve. Let cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Fill 6 tall glasses with crushed ice and add tea to 3/4 full. Add 1 tablespoon cream and 1 tablespoon condensed milk to each glass.

This recipe is a great start. SEASONING?! If you look in an Asian market, you may come across a bag and it’s what you need. Deep, staining, red tea that turns orange when you put cream in. A recipe I found used prada handbags sweet and condensed milk instead and then half and half. Instead of prada handbags going through all those steps and gathering all the ingredients, I buy Thai iced tea bags at an Asian store. They contain black tea, vanilla, and yellow food dye. I put 1 tea bag in 6 oz of hot water and let it steep for 3 4 minutes. Then I remove the tea bag I do not add any sugar because I just add sweetened condensed milk slowly while stirring until I get the right color. Then I add ice cubes and drink it. If you like your milk and tea separate, then this method wouldn’t be for you. I mix the milk and tea together as soon as it arrives on the table when I order it out, so mixing the two works for me. This tea is very sweet, so cut the sugar if you want it to be a little less so.

One of the other reviewers mentioned that the sweetened condensed milk falls to the bottom of the glass in a glob, prada handbags prada handbags and I had the same problem the first time I made a cup. The solution appears to be mixing the condensed milk with the cream in a small bowl first, until blended, and then adding it to the cup of tea. Both were equally tasty.

So I figured it was fairly simple to make at home and I followed the recipe here EXACTLY!! (duh, its not hard to follow). I used Thai Tea Blend that I bought at the Teavana store in the mall which was quite expensive, by the way.

This was NOT the uniquely flavored, orangey concoction I was served in the restaurant. Maybe I used the wrong tea, but I was quite disappointed. The final result was almost TOO sweet for my taste. .