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Thai Lanna Restaurant

VITTHAYA Sountornsorn distinctive style of cooking stems from the fact that, from the age of 12, he began cooking for his family in Bangkok.

Already vastly experienced when he arrived in 1986, he spent a further five years cooking on the Coast for someone else in order to familiarise himself with the Australian way.

In true Buddhist tradition V, as he is best known, recently returned to Thailand where he spent six months training to become a monk a step designed to provide good karma for his mother.


This is traditional Thai food, Bangkok style, slightly modified for the Australian palate.

The dishes combine the essentials of Thai cooking s prada handbags picy, salty, sweet and sour in a range of prada handbags delicious and exotic combinations that tempt the senses.

Presentation is colourful and enhanced by the use of attractive Thai crockery.


Thai Lanna was recently renovated and has four separate dining areas one of them undercover outside.

The outdoor area includes a pool stocked with goldfish, two umbrella bearing Thai statues and a tent like canopied ceiling.

Two of the interior spaces are quite intimate, while a third forms the main dining room.

There is a lounge setting at the entrance for waiting takeaway customers, while inside has subtle lighting, Thai wall hangings, purple clothed tables and comfortable upholstered chairs.


The wait staff are dressed in traditional Thai costumes colourful and varied.

One staff member has been at the restaurant for 18 years and has an intimate knowledge o prada handbags f the cuisine.


Thai entrees are typically delicious and so they are here whether the well known varieties or those specific to V.

His curry puffs with minced beef are light and tasty, as are his chicken spring rolls.

The prawns in shredded coconut, battered and deep fried, are huge and come with a special mayonnaise dip, while the grilled marinated chicken satay sticks with homemade peanut sauce could not be more tender.

An unusual and stunning entree is the Khao Naa Thang comprising deep fried crackers shaped into small cups into which diners can scoop a chicken, shrimp and herb mix.

V deep fried money bags filled with chicken, prawn and water chestnuts are crunchy and exceptionally good.

There is a large selection of soups, salads and mains.

Vegetarians are well looked after and of course there are curries and stir fry options.

From the Chef Special menu, the scallop red curry with lychees, tomato and pineapple is served in a young, fresh coconut, which is appealing to the eye and palate.

Roast duck red curry cooked in coconut milk is impressive, as is the deep fried fish fillets, in this case snapper, with red curry sauce.

Ther prada handbags e is a wide range of curries including the ever popular green curry and the mild chicken or beef mussaman with its mix of potatoes, pineapple and peanuts.

From the stir fry menu, the Pad Met Ma Muang chicken, beef, pork or prawns with cashew nuts and chilli is tasty and spicy.

The Pad Pak Met Ma Muang stir fried vegetables with cashew nut and chilli is packed with beautifully cooked crunchy vegetables.