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Thailand seed

Requirements applicable prada handbags to: Scotland only

Phytosanitary requirementsWart diseaseCrops for export to Thailand should not have been grown within 5 km of areas scheduled for potato wart disease ( Synchytrium endobioticum).

Growing crop tolerancesInspector’s Instructions TH/2009/02 apply. Class tolerances apply, except if the tolerances below are stricter:

Tobacco Rattle Virus (TRV) . NIL

A sample of 200 tubers per crop has to be taken by an official inspector before harvest and tested by SASA for PVA and PVM (tolerance 4%).

Tuber tolerancesInspector’s Instructions TH/2009/02 apply. Minimum tolerances for seed export apply, except for:

Gangrene ( Phoma foveata) . NIL

Spraing (PMTV) . NIL

Powdery scab ( Spongospora subterranea) . no more than 1.5% of tubers by weight should have more than 5% surface area covered

Skin spot ( Polyscytalum pustulans):

Surface area coverMax. % tubers by weight5% or more1.5%of which 12.5% or more0.5%less than 5%not countable

Adhering (caked) soil . up to 5% of tubers by weight may have up to 20% surface area covered

Loose soil . 0.2% by weight (max. 100 g per 50 kg bag)Notification: all crops intended for export to Thailand should be notified prada handbags to SASA at the start of the growing season. Failure to do so may mean a Phytosanitary Certificate cannot be issued for export. It is the exporter’s responsibility to check that a laboratory virus test has been carried out for any crop intended for Thailand before applying for a Phytosanitary Certificate.

Packaging: new bags of 25 50 kg.

Certificates: for sea freight, the container number(s) must be recorded on the Phytosanitary Certificate. The result of the laboratory virus test for PVA and PVM has to be attached to the Phytosanitary Certificate.

Procedures on arrivalAt the port of entry in Thailand, a minimum of 600 tubers (2 bags of 25 kg each) from each identified crop will be randomly selected from the consignment. Tubers may be washed as part of the procedure. If skin spot or powdery scab exceeds the tolerance, a further 8 bags of 25 kg each will be examined. If the consignment is still over tolerance on the basis of 10 bags, it will be rejected and not be allowed to be regraded. Rejected consignments will have to be re exported or destroyed. The tolerance is 4%. 2551 (2008)

Notifications of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, No. 5 (2007) and No. 9 (2008): Specification of plants and carriers from certain sources as prohibited articles, of exceptions and conditions under the Plant Quarantine Act

Notifications of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, No. 6 (2007) and No. 7 (2007): Specification of plant pests as prohibited articles under the Plant Quarantine Act

Last checked for changes: August 2010

Additional declarations to be inserted on the reverse of the Phytosanitary Certificate for prada handbags Seed PotatoesThe seed potatoes in this consignment were produced in Scotland in accordance with the conditions governing entry of seed potatoes into Thailan prada handbags d.