prada handbags Thank Goodness for CostcoW

Thank Goodness for Costco

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Doydie Costco is very similar to Sam’s Club. In my neighborhood, we have both with prada handbags in a mile of each other. MANY of the same food and food non products are offered. My perception is that Costco is a bit higher quality and the marketing of products is better at Costco.

MrsD I have been to TWO different Chihuli exhibitions. One inside and one at the Desert Botanical Gardens. If you go to my profile page, you can see a few of the art pieces I saw. Fun stuff.

Earl DH goes to either Costco or Sam’s Club every week to buy my supplies for breads. I need huge bags of flour/eggs/oil/sugar. Sam’s has the blocks of yeast I use. When it comes to a choice of which I prefer, Costco is my “hands down” choice.

Dej Buying in large bulk does save money. It is the marketing that gets me to spend on something I do not need. I have a huge container of tepenade! I did not go there for that!

TwoKidsTwoCats I went to the very first Price Club. It originated in San Diego. The original owner lived in San Diego. I had just moved there and my brother was a member. I got a color TV. This was back in 1978.

tkrik I thought I could handle the heat of the morning. I was just hoping it would be cool ENOUGH. I also wanted to check out zeroscape plants because I am designing my backyard (in my head and not from my purse) and I was hoping to talk to people that actually could help me figure out what I could do if I ever had money for such luxuries!

Ah, that is the trick! You need to be disciplined to go in one of those places. I ask myself several questions before buying something not on the list. A. would I use this? would this amount of stuff last me 3 years, or is it just enough for my needs? B. where would I store it? is there room in the freezer, or cabinet for it? C. wil prada handbags l it go bad before we can finish it? Will we eat 1/5 and then be bored with it? D. do we need the super duper size package? I find sometimes just stepping back and picturing it prada handbags in my everyday life is enough to make me put it back.

Its a wonderful world to go play in tho. Shampoo for the whole block. I find that I use normal sized containers to pour the massive sizes into. When I am empty, I refill from the big boy size. This way I dont have a gallon drum of shampoo in my tub. I would drop it for sure.

We have purchased gardening supplies, plants, a few books, printers, and drinks (they have diet Snapple), Chicken nuggets frozen,

and bagels (Baked daily Einstein bagels) and fresh produce. Also I get our chicken breasts, and salmon there. They have a large rotesserie chicken baked, for 4.99 that lasts us 3 days! (with kitty cat scraps!). So I typically go on Sat for that. Kroger’s in comparison has a tiny chicken, that is tough, dried out for $7.99.

When my son was in college, we’d get his meat frozen, and veggies for him to store in the little freezer we got him. Saved much money this way compared to college store prices.

I just found a super size Ming Tsai rice chip snack (new from Kellogg’s) there. They have 110 cals for 30 chips and are very low fat and whole grain.

It seems Costco doesn’t keep their stock as stable as SAMs does. We have both memberships, because our Costco closed for 5 months and I was forced to SAMs. SAMs has much more variety, but different things than Costco.

I loved your photos, Aarcyn. Those sculptures look fantastic in that setting!

CYN, during summer that cooler room at Costco is my favorite place to be when out shopping!! During winter, it sets off MS symptoms for me. Especially vertigo and leg spasms!!

Costco originally was known as Price Club. We joined them in 1985 in Omaha, NE. A few years later they changed the name.

The only BJs I have been in was in Fairfax, VA. At the prada handbags time I didn’t see enough difference in them and Costco to add the membership cost to our budget.

Now we use both Sam’s (mainly for gas because it is closer) and Costco (I like the Kirkland brands and their optical dept).

We still have plastic tote boxes that say PACE on the side that my dad used to get there. (black plastic, no lids) We used one of them to plant jalapenos and green peppers in earlier this summer. Made a nice little planter.