prada handbags Thank you Gift BagsIt the

Thank you Gift Bags

It the Merry Month of May! This month is bursting with many moments worth celebrating, honoring our Moms, the graduates a prada handbags nd thanking those who have been instrumental to our children learning throughout these past months: the .

With three children (and one little one on the way), this year Mother day is especially exciting for me. My eldest turns eleven on the 28th (another milestone and reason to celebrate this month), while my second son just turned eight, and my little princess is six. With different personalities, yet all very sweet, thoughtful and creative, they are at their precious ages where every opportunity they get at expressing their affection to me is overflowing! I am so blessed to have them, and their constant hugs, kisses and letters, and tokens of their daily activities are priceless! For me, i glad that I experience this daily, not just on Mother day. It is such an awesome and humbling feeling to be ap prada handbags preciated this much.

And with that, I commend all the moms out there. There are truly no words to express how much strength, poise and beauty you exude for possessing that great honor of being a mother. This is a special position we were entrusted with and my only prayer is that we always take this responsibility to heart, m prada handbags aking sure that we uphold the well being of the precious lives that were entrusted to us. Happy Mother day to you, especially to my mom and my sisters who have been such an inspiration to me.

My little girl is graduating from K5 in two weeks! I stare at her each night, hardly believing that the once tiny 6 lb. little angel is now a little lady. She is so bubbly and smart and a joy to watch grow. Her excitement and fascination of the things around her is remarkable. She is such a gem! She also has a Ballet presentation coming up in a few weeks as well, and despite all the preparations for these special days of hers, she calmly floats through each day, coming home from practice as if she isn spent! What energy! Ahhh, childhood! What a joy it is to stay in that moment! I am excited for her in every aspect of her life.

To all the graduates, congratulations!!! Whether from pre K, high or college, we are proud of you!

So this month, we honor moms and graduates yes, the teacher too! Teaching is such a noble profession and I am grateful for the hard work and dedication that you pour into being a vital instrument in honing the young minds of our children. Thanks for being the unsung heroes of our community!!

As we all get ready for the exciting months that the summer promises, let us first remember to give thanks to our beloved moms, our children, the graduates, and the . :) Thank you for being you!

Below are of the gift bags made for these special occasions :) A simple way to honor these special people in our lives :)

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