prada handbags thanks for coming outSo, I

thanks for coming out

So, I realize that I gotten really horrible about updating this lately. I was walking around yesterday, however, and as usual I was appreciating Canada on Canada Day. I was thrilled to be Canadian, I was happy to be living in Canada, and it was very proud that I could walk around and enjoy the freedoms I do because of the great place in which I live.I completely thought all that.Then I saw a dog with an emo haircut. Seriously, he had his bangs combed down over one of his eyes. It made me laugh.Also, I watched documentary about George Chuvalo fight vs. Muhammed Ali in Toronto. It was called The Last Round, or something like that, and it was fascinating.Currently, I watching a lot of soccer because the U 20 World Cup is on and I have tickets. I saw Canada prada handbags play yesterday, today Tai and I watched two more games involving New Zealand and Portugal, and Gambia and Mexico. It was really hot today and we got some sun, but not too much (I don think).So there an . I know it been forever. But things are good and a little hectic and soon prada handbags I figure out a rhythym again.i not dead, just busy. and addicted to facebook.It always nice to confirm that you made a good choice. In the first few days of my masters program here in Edmonton, I thought several times that I really do enjoy what we stud prada handbags ying and that the discussion is engaging and enlightening. so far.I been in class for 3 days now prada handbags , and aside from crummy weather and 45 minutes of public transit every days, I really enjoying it. Even the transit gives me time to read and prepare.There are 22 people in my program from a variety of different backgrounds, which affords them different perspectives and experiences on which to base their comments. It refreshing to be involved in academic debate. I feel myself getting smarter, or at least more mentally stimulated.So things are good so far. Lori, my only friend in Edmonton and the one with whom I staying, is taking good care of me. I haven done much besides reading, assignments, and school so far, but I sure that will come with time.