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Gary Luckett and his daughter Bella walking down the aisle at St Nicholas Church in Wilden, Bedfordshire at the wedding of prada han prada handbags dbags Lousie and Jonathan Heathco prada handbags te Curtis

‘It was so much easier to use than we anticipated, it really was so much easier than we thought and Bella took to it straig prada handbags ht away.

Bride Louise, 31, of Amersham, Buckinghamshire, said: ‘We hoped that Bella would be able to take a few steps down the aisle by herself but unfortunately it seems as though she isn’t going to walk independently at the moment.

The music therapist, originally from Jerusalem, Israel, launched it through Northern Ireland based manufacturer Leckey after successful trials in the UK, US and Canada.

She said: ‘It is wonderful to see this product available to families across the world. When my son was two years old, I was told by medical professionals that he didn’t know what his legs are and has no consciousness of them.