prada handbags thanks to new TSA ruleJanu

thanks to new TSA rule

January 31, 2014, passengers traveling internationally into the United States with a connecting flight will be permitted to carry liquids in excess of 100 mL in their carry on baggage, provided they were purchased in duty free shops and placed in secure, tamper evident bags (STEBs).Technological advances may allow passengers to keep these liquids in their carry on baggage, provided they are presented in a STEB and are able to be screened and cleared by Transportation Security Officers at the checkpoint.Liquids t prada handbags hat cannot be screened and cleared will not be allowed prada handbags to remain in a passenger’s carr prada handbags y o prada handbags n baggage. Passengers may elect to place these items into checked baggage, if available, or forfeit them prior to entering the secure area of the airport. This may include liquids in opaque, ceramic, or metallic bottles, or other containers that cannot be effectively scanned.