prada handbags Thanksgiving recipe jitters

Thanksgiving recipe jitters

Back to Main MenuReal Estate TransfersBack to Main MenuLocal Grocery AdsSpecial SectionsLocal AdsLagniappeHalloween is over, and now I am thinking about Thanksgiving tricks as well as treats. I know a cook who has a trick to cut her potato peeling time in half when she makes mashed potatoes for the large mob that she cooks for every Thanksgiving. She uses equal amounts of fresh potatoes and potato flakes from a box. Topped with gravy, the taste is almost undetectable.One of the intimidating things about Thanksgiving is that it happens only once a year, so you might yet again forget the giblets are inside the turkey before you roast it. prada handbags (Trust me: Your turkey will still be fine if you forget. Just use a pair of tongs to yank them out of there and don tell anyone.)Fortunately, if you in southern Louisiana, you are probably used to cooking for a crowd, and your skills are up to speed.But it you a n prada handbags ovice to the tradition, here are some ideas to get you prada handbags through the holiday.Write on: Write out your menu, shopping list, and a timetable of when to do things. Your Thanksgiving Day timeline should have actual hours on it. Figure out your serving dishes, table decorations and seating well ahead of time.Seek help: If guests ask if they can bring anything, say yes and assign them something. Family members should all have tasks, too.Save time: Break down your chosen recipes to see what steps you can do ahead of time. Sweet potatoes can be cooked ahead of time. Many casseroles can be cooked the day before, refrigerated, then reheated with their toppings.Almost every vegetable and fruit, except those that darken upon exposure to air, can be chopped a day or two in advance, Refrigerate ingredients separately in marked plastic bags. Be sure to smush out all the air before you zip the plastic bags shut. If you really want to be OCD, put all the separate ingredients, in their plastic bags, into one bowl or a plastic grocery prada handbags bag to keep them together.Potatoes can be peeled early in the day if you cover them with water to prevent them from darkening. Press plastic wrap directly on the surface of whole or mashed avocado. Toss apple slices or chunks with a little lemon juice.Save $$: Buy head lettuces, separate the leaves and wash them in cold water. Roll up the wet leaves in clean dish towels or paper towels. Fold the dish towels into plastic bags and refrigerate. You can do this at two days ahead of time.If you have the freezer space, buy an extra turkey when they on sale. Donate it to a charity or save it to cook later. It a lot of protein for the money.Make your own cornbread for dressings from scratch or box mixes.Dressing recipes should specify if the bread in them needs to be fresh or toasted. It is super easy to replicate the cubed bread sold for Thanksgiving dressings and stuffings. Just cube up some bread, season it if you want, and dry it out. (If you really cheap like me, you have a bag in your freezer where you stashed random biscuits, the heels of bread loaves, takeout pita bread, cornbread, etc.)Smash or cube bread into chunks or dice, not too small. Put it in a pan (9 by 13 inches or a jelly roll pan) and stick it in your oven at the oven lowest heat. Stir it every 30 minutes or so until the chunks feel dry.