prada handbags Tharparkar situation under con

Tharparkar situation under control

Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Local Government Sharjeel Inam Memon said on Monday the Tharparkar situation that had worsened due to extreme weather conditions was prada handbags under control.

The provincial government had distributed 120,000 wheat bags of 100 kilograms each worth Rs420 million among drought affected and sick people in the district, he said in a statement.

The minister stated that relief work was being prada handbags carried out on a war footing and it was also ensured that people who lived in far flung areas and could not reach Mithi or Diplo were provided with wheat and other relief goods at their doorsteps immediately.

The government was preparing long term policies for addressing the problems of the people of Tharparkar, he added.

The minister vowed that the government, being the custodian of people of the province, especially the people of Tharparkar, would leave no stone unturned in the development of Tharparkar, develop its agriculture and livestock on modern lines and ensure its access to major markets soon.

On the directives of Pakistan People’s Party Co Chairman Asif Ali Zardari and Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the government has stationed teams of doctors, including consultant, gynaecologists and paediatricians, in the district.

Casualties had dropped significantly due to the measures taken by the government, Memon said.

Medical teams had prada handbags been stationed not only at civil hospitals in Mithi and Diplo but also in far flung areas, and the people there were being provided with medical assistance, covered under the recently launched vaccine programmes for the prevention of gastrointestinal tract upset, malnutrition and polio, Hepatitis B and C, he added.

The minister denied any shortage of trained doctors and paramedics or med prada handbags ical supplies at any of the hospitals in Tharparkar.

The government had diligently overcome the devastating challenges that had emerged after heavy floods in Sindh and millions of people were provided with due relief and rehabilitation, he said.