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that comes from one term on council

And though she promised to “suspend” her campaign if her party rejected her, Tuthill ultimately decided to run for a second term anyway.

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During her single term on the council, Tuthill has come under fire not just for the way she handled losing the DFL endorsement, but also for hating on patios and for being rude to prospective business owners. Nonetheless, today, the Star Tribune officially gave its much sought after endorsement to her (read the editorial here).

Why did the Strib’s editorial board decide to back Tuthill, you ask? Because she’s “offering Uptown residents an often underappreciated asset City Council seniority, and the experience and clout that go with it,” the second paragraph of the editorial says.

Again, Tuthill, first elected in 2009, has served exactly one term on the council. In other words, she’s not exactly the Chuck Grassley of Minneapolis politics.

In fairness, later on in the piece, the Strib does cite other reasons for endorsing Tuthill. For instance:Tuthill, 64, is a longtime Uptown small business owner who won election four years ago on the strength of decades of civic involvement. She’s hardworking and responsive [ahem]. She understands the balancing acts that healthy urban growth requires small local businesses with large corporate investment, homeowners with renters, affordability with gentrification, large scale development with human scale livability, high performing city prada handbags services with affordable property taxes.

While she’s so attached to the Tenth Ward that she speaks of it as family, Tuthill is attuned to the entire city’s needs. For example, she supported the Vikings stadium deal in 2012 for its potential to create jobs for unemployed people in the city’s less fortunate precincts even though she knew diverting tax money to professional sports facilities was not popular in the ward.

In possibly related news, the Strib stands to make millions from selling its right next to the new Vikings stadium property for redevelopment.

The Strib’s 10th Ward endorsement editorial doesn’t have a single negative thing to say about Bender. In fact, the closest thing to a criticism is this: “Bender’s claim that Tuthill is an opponent of greater population density does not jibe with the huge growth that has occurred on Tuthill’s watch.” Left unaddressed is the question of whether that growth is occurring because of or in spite of Tuthill, who is known as being one of the most conservative council members when it comes to development.

In sum, the whole editorial is a bit mystifying, and I write this as one of the few people in the 10th Ward who has been directly negatively im prada handbags pacted by Bender’s campaign.

Meg is supported by The Strib only because th prada handbags ey need council members who will support the stadium deal now that the WILF’s shaky financial dealings and questionable ethics and are coming to light. Meg is to easily caught saying the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time. Her problem is she is dishonest with herself and to self absorbed. Would love to see her and Gary Schiff go at it. Her main dream in life is to make Uptown into a suburb like area to live, no entertainment or night club businesses need apply. She cares not at all that many choose to live in that ward BECAUSE it has entertainment options right out your door,. She is heavily biased and an elitist who has made herself into a local joke. She has frequently made her bias of property owners known and her prada handbags antipathy to renters and landlords known as well.