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that have nothing to do with global warming

Here are five issues that deal with the environment that I feel are imperative and can help create a change for the better. Leakage from cars and runoffs from leaky cars runs off into streams and rivers, polluting freshwater. Only 2.5 percent of the world’s water is freshwater and 99 percent of prada handbags this freshwater is frozen in ice. Aiding in programs that help developing nations create waste treatment centers and educate them can help prevent future pollution. Make sure you check your car for gas, anti freeze and oil leaks before they become run off into your local freshwater supply. Be sure to dump all pesticides, chemicals and car fluids at a local waste center. This way we can make sure all of our freshwater supplies are kept clean. Monsanto, one of the largest agriculture companies in the world, has created and patented genetically modified seeds as well as a number of pesticides. They have also been known to release toxic PCB’s into the soil water supplies all aroun prada handbags d the world, contaminating whole counties (such as Anniston, Alabama) an prada handbags d cities, causing mass disease and even deaths. So by eating organic, non GMO food, you don’t support pesticides, PCB’s and GMO corporations who kill like Monsanto. N prada handbags ot only do they drop pollutants such as PCB’s into waterways, like the Hudson River, but they are also one of the top contributors of pollution all around and are highly supportive of this Global Warming movement, pushing for cap and trade policies. Hypocrites. Though this may be extremely hard since they own everything from electric, aviation, healthcare, NBC, Telemundo, The Weather Channel, Universal and many other companies. There are many reasons for this. One: Most products made abroad are made in sweatshops where workers are working in hazardous conditions, enduring inhumane treatment and with little pay. How would you feel knowing your sneakers came from the sweat and tears of a child being paid $15/month, meanwhile you’re paying $100 for those same sneakers. Second, shipping products across the globe results in the usage of excessive energy, pollutants leak into the water and air, and these ships carry foreign species to the US.Don’t, I’m no Al Gore. My solutions aren’t dramatic, nor will they result in my stocks rising. Humans production of CO2 is not the reason for change, but the large corporations and businesses are the cause of destroying our environments, natural habitats, and human lives. Once the corporations take responsibility for their actions on a large scale, we will actual be able to see a difference in our environment. Start by creating change in your daily life with issues that matter. Buying into the climate change scam only hurts us.