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Hi ladies had my wedding in Bright, VIC in November 09 and we had people coming from all around the world (I from the states, hubby from VIC). the whens/wheres of the bus transport to the wedding, etc.) as well as things they could do around Bright. But instead of buying the expensive bags that just end up getting thrown away my mother in law suggested she could make them out of calico. So we bought the fabric from spotlight and some material to make the handles. prada handbags They turned our fantastic and so much cheaper. I went a little bit more and had the tree from the front of our invitation printed on the bag but everyone loved them and they became a keepsake. I decided not to put ou prada handbags r names or weddin prada handbags g date on the bag because I figured people wouldn use it as often if I had done that prada handbags . Just an idea if you know how to sew!! I have a picture if you want me to email it to you let me know!